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Guide Dogs for the Blind has special programs for children who are blind like camps, workshops and the K9 Buddy Program. They create partnerships with mobility dogs that offer companionship and enhanced independence.



You’ve probably seen a guide dog out and about, but you may have misconceptions about the incredible work these dogs do.Here is a list of seven things you may not have known about guide dogs from the American Kennel Club.


Amid lockdowns, service animals daily activities have been put on hold. And their owners fear they won’t recover from it. These guide dogs are used to working in noise, smells and sights of being out and about. Staying at home can directly affect their skills. Read about what you can do for your service animal here.


Thinking of training your own service animal? The book Forward Together is an inside look at the methods of guide dog training. How they learn skills like accepting the harness, leading around obstacles, stopping for changes in elevation, ignoring distractions and other actions to keep their handler safe.


Guide Dogs of America has merged with Tender Loving Canines to provide hardworking service dogs for people who are blind/visually impaired, veterans, and children with autism to help them become confident, independent people. Their services are provided free. A charity banquet is being held in November to raise funds.