The Toe Mouse is especially designed for those who have upper limbs disability and cannot use their hands to move the mouse. This gadget uses our natural ability to grip between the toes, for manipulating the Mouse. You need to slip it on just as you would wear your flipflops. The sensor below the big toe acts as the left click button and the one below the second toe is the right click.


For those who suffer from paralysis, being able to detect injuries is often impossible in the upper and lower extremities. It is often a substantial reason for concern, as grievous injury can occur when the body is unable to identify areas that come into harm’s way. The Bruise injury detection suit allows the wearer to see, rather than feel, where an injury has taken place.


Man’s best friend can help disabled owners with cleaning chores by turning on a washing machine at the sound of a bark. The machine is set to work on a single cycle and dispense the correct amount of detergent, making its operation very simple. The door is outfitted with a pull handle that fits a dog’s mouth. The support dog is also trained to unload the machine once it is done.


SensFloor®, is a smart floor that detects falls and immediately sends an alarm signal when a fall occurs. It was specifically conceived for care facilities. This sensitive floor warns the caregivers in case someone falls. The product can be installed in individuals’ home and could be a suitable solution to secure the environment and allow the elderly to remain at home.


The Duplex Lever is a single brake lever that pulls on two brake cables simultaneously. It was originally designed for bike polo players, to allow them to use both brakes while swinging a polo mallet with their free hand. Since its introduction the Duplex has generated considerable excitement among adaptive cyclists as well.