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Adaptive skiing uses specialized equipment and/or training to allow people (with disabilities) to experience the benefits of skiing. Skiing and snowboarding provide a sense of freedom that is difficult to duplicate in other sports. Adaptive Adventures provides day lessons, clinics and multi-day camps from beginner to expert skiers and snowboarders across the country.


The exemplary balance and control characteristics that make the skibike a favorite of the able-bodied, also create an excellent platform for riders with certain types of disabilities. The opportunity exists for many people, who may have thought that their skiing days were over, to be able to get back out on the slopes and play…


Did you know cross country skiing is adapted for those with disabilities? The Nordic sit
ski is a fun alternative to typical downhill skiing. There are different kinds of equipment designs to support a wide variety of users such as people with and without legs, people of different sizes, and so on. Short poles are used to propel you forward.


Where to go to try out adaptive equipment? Look Out Pass rental facility can provide adaptive equipment with sufficient advance notice. Their Snow Sports School can provide instruction in the use of such mobility devices when requested in advance to ensure qualified instructors are available. There is a road accessed handicap ramp on the uphill, north side of the base lodge with adjacent parking that is available during our summer season. 

Schweitzer Mountain offers a full spectrum of adaptive skiing. One on one instruction on bi-skis, stand-up outriggers, a strider, and stand-up tether equipment. (Monoski available with advanced notice.) They also offer a ski buddy program for independent adaptive skiers and guiding services are available for visually impaired skiers and boarders.