The L.O.V.E. Program,(Lions Low Vision Services) in cooperation with the University Eye Center at Los Angeles and Marshall B. Ketchum University offers complete vision care including such specialties as low vision devices and vision therapy. Patients of the program receive complete vision examinations and prescribed correction and treatment.


Magnifying Aids has been providing products for the low vision and blindness community for over 15 years. They always have the “latest and greatest” technology to help you maintain independence and see better. Tech includes talking watches, big button phones and numerous writing aids to provide assistance for completing the basic tasks of everyday life.


Library users with visual impairments face a number of barriers to access. Adaptive technology has leapt forward in recent years, with artificial intelligence (AI) opening up new possibilities, but more basic technologies are also important in creating a welcoming library experience for users of all ages with visual disabilities. American Libraries has multiple levels of technology for use.


This innovative system by Jordy is the ideal solution for your active lifestyle, enabling you to read, write, and see in any environment including work, home, and school. Jordy is a battery-operated, full-color portable system that can be worn like a pair of glasses to see near, far, and everything in between. HD headset with automated focus is ideal for watching tv, visiting with friends, reading or working on the computer.


For those living with any visual impairment, reading medication labels can be challenging and lead to medications being taken incorrectly. The Webster-pak Low Vision medication pack has specific Low Vision Folder labels with white text on a black label available. Available for pharmacies, doctors, and group homes.