Links worth Sharing

Snowbot is the world’s first autonomous snowblower robot for residential use. It is ready to help you keep your driveway, yard, and sidewalk snow free day and night. Easy to program using 3 positioning beacons and a remote control, you can control it easily from your phone. Let it clean your driveway before you even get up in the morning.


Want to attend concerts again but worried about your hearing?Eardial earplugsallow you to hear the music, converse with friends, and still protect your hearing from harmful sound decibels. Discreet and comfortable, they come in a compact case that has a luminescence sticker to find them in the dark.

You have seen how a smart watch can simplify communication and access to weather, etc. Now OPPO is eyeglasses that can do that and so much more. It can work as a teleprompter for presentations, a navigator while biking or driving. It can even translate foreign languages in real time. Truly novel!

If indoor air quality is important for your health, check out the Eve Room. This device can monitor pollutants from furniture, carpets, plastics, aerosols, even cooking. By knowing what’s accumulating in your air, you can take precaustions and open up windows for ventilation. It can let you know to turn on your humidifier or air purifier.

If you are finding meditation difficult, consider Sens.AI for brain training. It can run seperate modules or group them together in a “mission” to train your brain using biofeedback. Soundscapes and thought tracks are included. You can track your progress with the biometrics on your smart phone.