Links worth Sharing

Here’s a document designed to help you advocate for systems change. This
guide was created to help transform the way disabled people plan for and participate in multiple forms of activism with the support of community and fellow organizers. We hope this contributes to the life-affirming and essential practice of interdependence within activism.



This guide will help you write in EasyRead, an accessible format that uses pictures and easy to understand language. Creating your resources in Easy Read helps make sure that all people with disabilities have the tools they need to understand documents.



Through a blog, social media following of 900,000 and now a book, one mom fosters greater understanding of severe autism. Mom Kate candidly describes how she overcomes things in her parenting. Both funny and serious, you are sure to come away with a gem.


Too often, when parents find out their kid is autistic, they receive negative messages from all sides. This resource cuts through myths and misconceptions and explains autism from an autistic perspective. When you learn your kid is autistic, you’re also learning that they’re part of a larger community of autistic people! Download the free ebook.


You can explore a number of topics related to autism at the Autism Resource Center. Facts sheets, plus video clips, and clinical resources round out the information you can find on the site.