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22% of adults in the U.S. have a disability. Accessibility matters. What’s the key here? The ways people with disabilities are driving innovation. Check out this blog about the impact of disability from the entertainment to fashion industry, to superheroes and changing technology. 



Nothing about us without us drives the disability innovation for global accessibility. Who better to determine the needs? Check out the first Innovation Games to be held in Paris 2024. Tech can enable participation in new ways for people with disabilities.




Did you know texting was developed in the 2000’s as a way for the deaf to communicate. As the largest minority, people with disabilities are propelling technology to become more accessible. This drives innovative breakthroughs.


If you have limited use of your hands, you can try Open Sesame. This program allows you to use your mobile device with ease using the front facing camera of any Android device. It tracks your head movement for touch free texting, searching the web and more.


What was originally a way for the blind to navigate, Lechal’s in shoe vibration system now offers step count, calorie count and distance travelled as well as a way to navigate without your head down looking at your phone!