Links Worth Sharing – Employment

All job candidates should be considered equally. However, sometimes things that make you stand out as different, such as disabilities, may lead to misconceptions and prejudgment from interviewers and potential employers.  Consider these six job search tips for people with disabilities to help you find and land the opportunity that’s right for you.


Maybe what you really need to find a job is some training. The Campaign for Disability Employment has a list of resources that can provide job training. From Adult Basic Education to apprenticeships, you might find the career you’ve been searching for. Plus tips for high school and college students transitioning to being on their own.


Have a career in mind but not sure how an accommodation will work? Even though things like the American with Disabilities Act is in place, it can still be difficult to land a job when you have a disability. This blog has information on where to start, like the Department of Labor or Voc Rehab, to what to look for and how to ask for an accommodation.


A good reason a business should hire a person with a disability is because the individual is a good match for a specific business need. In an article called Employing, Serving All Equitably: The Nordstrom Way, the author points out, “You may not have the very best person in the job if you didn’t recruit any disabled job candidates.” Learnabout the tax incentives and more at this website.


People with disabilities often exemplifying the qualities employers seek, including adaptability and resourcefulness. What’s more, disability is diversity, and therefore a key component of workplace diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. To find out seven reasons to hire people with disabilities, check out this article in Forbes Magazine.