This inexpensive Phone Jack Powered Charger will charge your devices using an active land line during a power outage. It plugs into the phone jack and even has a nite lite feature. A trickle of power always runs through your landline and now you can access it. Only $4.44 at Walmart.


Another idea is to use the power in your laptop. If there is not power, more than likely your laptop isn’t doing much good since you probably don’t have wi-fi. In this situation, it’s basically a big shiny battery for your cellphone.  Just make sure you have the USB cord.


You can buy a few portable chargers, then make sure they are fully charged in advance of a power outage. These are great when traveling and you don’t want to battle people for outlets at airports and the like. The solar variety can recharge using daylight. These tend to slowly charge, however. From about $10 and up.


Your car is also an option. If you have a charger that plugs into your car, many newer models have USB ports, you should be able to charge your phone while the car idles. Do this safely! If you car is in a garage, drive out of the garage to avoid building up carbon monoxide.


If you are feeling MacGyverish, you can use eight D batteries, paperclips and some tape to generate enough power for a phone charger to do its task. The paper clips connect the positive and negative terminals of the batteries on both sides and the charger is connected to free terminals at the end to get the power.