Making Computers Easier to Use

Morphic is a program to find and operate the usability and accessibility features that are built into Windows and Mac operating systems. Many of these features are not well known or too hard to find. Morphic exposes them and makes them easy and convenient to use. 

Morphic’s basic features allow you to quickly increase text size, magnify portions of your screen, take a screenshot, read selected text aloud, manage your assistive technology and more. These are found in an easy to read bar on your screen. 

For those who use assistive technology, Morphic can allow you to control it easily and have the settings follow you to other computers. And if your needs change you can change your settings instantly throughout the day.

For cognitive disabilities, it can create simple, convenient, one-click bars for doing basic things like email, reading the news, staying connected with doctors, family and friends. A single click can help people stay focused by removing distractions.

Computers have taken on a new role allowing people to stay connected during the pandemic. They provide a way to work or attend classes from home, are a critical way to access basic necessities and healthcare. Making computers easier so all people are able to use them is the heart of their mission. 

Morphic was developed under a grant from Rehabilitation Services Administration and the Department of Education. Its final development was overseen by Raising the Floor, which is now hosting it. Raising the Floor is an international non-profit committed to the advancement of equity through digital inclusion.