News from DAC NW

DAC is once again partnering with a service dog organization. They understand the need for trained service animals in the area AND the huge cost that is typically associated with them. 

Autism Anchoring Dogs is an organization located in Portland Oregon whose service dogs keep children safe and calm. They are unique as service dog trainers because they use giant breed dogs that can weigh an average of 110-150 lbs. That is almost twice the weight of a young child age 4-10 years.  A special harness connects to the child and the adult handler. If the child runs or starts to wander off, the dog braces itself and voluntarily goes down preventing the child from going further than the end of the tether. By having the dog attached to the child it removes the judgmental comments from passerby. Everyone is just more relaxed. 

This simple premise of using the dog to anchor the child promotes safety in practically any environment: walking outside, grocery stores, camping, museums, sporting events, movie theaters, restaurants and more. Parents want to keep their children safe, and these dogs help ease that burden.

And the anchoring dog offers a safe place to go for comfort and solace during or after a meltdown. The dogs are even trained to lean into the child and provide pressure that soothes, redirects, or dissipates anxiety or frustration.

Puppies & Pints is a reason to drink for a good cause! For every pint of beer sold, $2 will be donated to Autism Anchoring Dogs. And puppies in training, Mercy, Cory & Nelly, will be there to meet and greet. Swag bags filled with doggie type treats will also be given away as door prizes. And all funds raised will go towards raising these great service animals so they can be provided to families for free. The event is held at Tapped in Moscow, Idaho on February 21st from 5-7 pm. Come on out! 

505 North Main Street
Moscow ID 83843
(208) 883-0523 VOICE-TDD
(208) 883-0524 FAX
(800) 475-0070

330 5th Street
Lewiston ID 83501
(208) 746-9033 VOICE-TDD
(208) 746-1004 FAX
(888) 746-9033

3726 E Mullan Ave
Post Falls ID 83854
(208) 664-9896 VOICE-TDD
(208) 666-1362 FAX
(800) 854-9500