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Finding Your Independence

Today I began a new life. With the help of Disability Action Center NW, I regained my freedom.

My name is Donna, and I have MS. It has been a slow progression, most days not noticing that I was getting worse. MS is a cruel disease, the changes are so gradual that you don’t notice – until one day you wake up and realize you can’t walk very far anymore, you can’t keep the plans you made, you are going to have to use a walker to cross your lawn…

I chose to give things up, rather than admit I needed help. A friend’s well intended words about my inability to do my job properly were the wake-up I needed. I do community outreach and am active going to meetings, attending and holding events, going on tours. Not being able to do that with the rest of my group was a “red flag” that I was missing out on my life.

So I called DAC NW to ask about funding for a wheelchair, as I could not afford one. To me, this symbolized giving up and letting my disease win. But I came to realize the wheelchair is only a tool. It does not define me. It helps me return to the part of my life I had given up. It returned my freedom.

The Post Falls office had a motorized chair for me. The thought of having someone push me anywhere, even for a short distance was unthinkable to me. I picked up the chair and after bumping into a few walls, and “opening it up” in the parking lot, we got it loaded and I took it home. For someone with a disability, things like canes, walkers and wheelchairs are life changing necessities. Thank you to DAC. Words can’t really capture my feelings! 

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