Disability Action Center NW is partnering with students from the Human Development department to host a screening of the film “Ride With Larry”, a film about the onset and treatment of Parkinson’s disease. A powerful documentary that follows Larry Smith, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 20 years ago. Larry wants to do one last big thing before it’s too late: ride is bike 300 miles across his state of South Dakota to inspire other people living with Parkinson’s to live life to the fullest. The film was also featured in the televised mayoral debate in San Diego, to legalize the use of medical marijuana.

DAC has used these kinds of screenings to open a dialogue on the different types of treatments available.  They have had past demonstrations that show the effects of a brain stimulator implant, and certified marijuana experts that explained how CBD’s are proving to be an excellent treatment for Parkinson’s without the effects of getting high.

Did you know that men are one and half times more likely to have Parkinson’s disease than women? Researchers are still puzzling over that one. But locally researchers have done a study that collected data from those living in Washington’s agricultural areas. A WSU epidemiologist found a link between the use of some herbicides and the higher death
rates from Parkinson’s disease among those living in agricultural areas. Five different pesticides were looked at including RoundUP. But at this time it is unclear how the active ingredient in these pesticides would lead to an earlier death from Parkinson’s. The active ingredient in RoundUp is glyphosate and is widely used to kill weeds.

Ride With Larry will be screened at 5pm April 3rd in the Todd Auditorium at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. Following the film there will be a discussion and demonstration of assistive technology for use to help those living with Parkinson’s. 

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