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Seed Gardening At Home – With DAC Consumers!

Going a little stir crazy at home? How about some indoor gardening? Ironically, we have been having workshops every month at DAC and I hosted last months workshop – a Seed Biodome Workshop.
    This workshop demonstrated how to easily incubate seeds and get them started for a garden at home. DAC supplied the seeds, peat moss, and the pots, which consumers filled with dirt for transplanting the seeds into the pot once the sprouts got big enough. It was pretty fun!
    Often times a poor diet can affect or cause secondary conditions for people with disabilities. And low income families especially face difficulty affording fresh foods that are healthy. It’s amazing how little space you need to grow some fresh veggies. Things like lettuce or strawberries can grow on a balcony, patio or even in a sunny window.

  After the workshop, I brought my seed starts home and set them near my east side window and let them incubate for only about a week or two. And here is what they look liked only 20 days later.

   With the unusually warm weather we had, I will be planting them outside soon! I had great results but what about our other DAC consumers who attended the workshop?    

Jamie’s results were great and she is SUPER proud of her edible plants. She’s excited to plant them in her garden that she started last year.
Tara’s seeds took a little longer to get going but finally did sprout. Here she is hamming it up with her biodome.  Anne will be starting her very FIRST edible garden this year with these sprouts. She doesn’t really know what she planted as she forgot to write it down, so she will have a reveal party at harvest time.
   If anyone is interested, it’s not too late, but almost… Contact me at and I can walk you through it. What else do I have to do?

May love and light surround you all!! Michelle Porter


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