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De-Clutter Workshop held June 16 to Reduce Stress

Dishes in the sink, piles of laundry, blankets on the floor, closets in disarray, too much junk in the garage…does this sound familiar?
We live in a culture where society teaches us the more we have, the happier we must be. The fact is this clutter can cause stagnate energy and too much stress.

Uncontrolled consumer impulses, emotional attachment to things, sentimental keepsakes, fear of getting rid of things are some of the reasons we tend to think of our belongings with our emotions.  We often hang onto things in hopes that they will become useful one day when in fact they add to our mental and emotional stress. 

This can lead to an inability to think clearly. It makes it difficult to get things done, to find what you need, and to live in an orderly and efficient manner. Your home should be your sanctuary, a safe place to unwind.

In reality, it is not about the “stuff” but rather it is about the underlying reasons of why that “stuff” is there. Taking the time to think about how to get rid of the clutter can clear more than just your home.

Disability Action Center NW and the University of Idaho Extension office have teamed up to offer a virtual workshop on how to declutter and reduce stress. We offer a balanced plan to help you restore your peace of mind.  You will learn to evaluate what needs to go: from papers to crusty cosmetics. This gives you permission to throw it away. Then you move on to recycling what you cannot use. The class is free – the information invaluable!

Register in advance and you will receive an email with instructions to join the workshop. Call if you need communication accommodation. 

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