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Independent Living Philosophy

“Independent living, as seen by its advocates, is a philosophy, a way of looking at society and disability, and a worldwide movement of disabled people working for equal opportunities, self-determination, and self-respect,” said Ed Roberts. The key here is self-determination. Sherri Boelter, our Independent Living Advocate in Post Falls, knows first hand what a battle that can be.

She received a call for “advocacy assistance” from a service provider. After a few minutes it became apparent it was a 3-way conversation with the counselor talking over the consumer. “Every time I asked “Eva” how we could help, the counselor would talk loudly over her,” said Sherri. “Finally, rather sternly, I asked to speak to Eva only. It was her life and she needs to take charge.” With that the counselor finally backed off.

Eva shared that through her job coach she wasn’t getting the accommodations she needed. The counselor had tried to go in like a bull dog with a list of accommodations which only resulted in being dropped by the job coach. Eva agreed to meet with DAC and see how we could help her move forward with self-advocacy and finding employment.

Young people transitioning to living independently can get a variety of services tailored to their needs at DAC NW. We can provide information about job training, help with budgeting, self-care, and emotional support to help them for the next stage of their life. You can be independent, make your own choices, and take risks like anyone else! Our services are based on peer support and role-modeling with someone who has been in a similar situation. If you find people aren’t listening to what you want in life, give us a call!

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