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ArtAbility by James Pickard

What can I say about Art Ability? Well, it’s one of many programs offered through Center on Disabilities and Human Development. This program was created to encourage adults with disabilities to express themselves through art. Art Ability offered a free photography workshop and I thought “What the heck, I might as well check it out!” So, I did!

There were two outings, one for landscape photography and the other street photography. It was led by Mrs. Rohn, who was going to impart insight into the world of imagery. Once I decided to attend, I contacted Ms. Morfin to register. From that point on I waited with anticipation of what the workshop had in store for all us attendees.

On the first outing, “Landscape Photography”, I found myself whisked away to Kamiak Butte County Park. It was a beautiful fall day and we gathered around the instructor. She shared how to care for our cameras. Then she explained the idea of subject matter, light and shadows, various perspectives, and background, mid-ground and foreground,

The Street Photography outing was just as exciting. Street photography is taken as the moment happens, chance encounters, and random incidents in public places. She taught us about different angles for light and how it affects the image. She explained leading lines, and to keep in mind the possibility of changing your photo to black and white.

I had a great time! I was not only introduced to the world of imagery, I met new people, ran into ones that I already knew, and gained some experience in photography along the way! Hey! I almost forgot! We did have tasks set before us during this little expedition and if you would like to see the results that came from it, you are more than welcome to attend the open house that will be held sometime in April. So, keep a weathered eye upon the horizon for that information when it comes to light.

Until next time ~ James Pickard 

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