News From DAC NW

Calling All Gamers

Hey guys and girls, it’s me again the one armed bandit burning up the keyboard, coming to you from the main office of DAC (Disability Action Center) deep in the heart of Moscow Idaho. I want to shed some light on a couple of mysterious boys coming to town and how they’re bringing a piece of the future with them. The future you say? I know, I know, your thinking that the future is already here! We have smart t.v.’s, elaborate cell phones, computers with terabytes of memory space, store information on what is called a cloud, not to mention all the different multimedia platforms to spread and keep informed on the daily activities of whoever or whatever.

What these boys are bringing to the Moscow area old timers may not be interested in. But if your around the age of oh…. I don’t know…40ish on down to oh… I don’t know 7, this is right up your alley! Once I heard about this new venture coming to town I ran right down and requested an interview with the owners. Low and behold Brandon gave me a call and set up a time for an interview. Ok, ok, I kept you on the edge of your seat long enough. The new establishment coming to the Moscow area is………..PLAYLive Nation (PLN)!

What is PLN you may be asking yourself? I know I was. To sum it up in a nutshell, it is a gaming establishment. No, no, not another mercantile that sells video games. These boys went down to the Palouse Mall and rented an area large enough to be considered a hall!

They’re expecting to create a gaming community where an assembly of people can come together and enjoy themselves in a friendly atmosphere. I bet your saying to yourself…..That’s all fine and dandy, but I still don’t understand what it is? That’s ok, let me break it down for you!

This is going to be the ultimate gathering place for individuals to get together and play the latest and most popular video games to date. LPN is going to have 28 stations all together, 26 of them are going to be 40” screen t.v.’s and the other two will be 80” to 100” paint on screens, all with Xbox 1 consoles. Some other cool features PLN will have are accessible counters, pathways around furniture/ tables/pony walls and to the bathroom will be approximately 60”. Oh, did I mention the movable furniture and accessible entryway that they will have as well! So for those of you who have those rad rides that help you get from point A to point B don’t be shy. Wait…wait…I have one more thing I have to spill. If you have a special controller that is tailor made for you and is compatible with Xbox 1 Brandon said to bring it on down, register it with them, then you’ll be able to use it there…on site!


Whew!!! Let me catch my breath…I’m getting cramps in my fingers from typing so fast! Now that you know about the bare bones of the establishment, let’s get into what will be happening on site. PLN will have standard game play where you get together with your friends throughout the week and have fun. Oh wait! I almost forgot that PLN is going to hold tournaments so that your can compete against your friends and others to see which of you is the best. Do you think this will earn you bragging rights??? I don’t think so! For all of you that have competition running through your veins PLN will also be sporting a nation wide living leader board. Now that’s BAD!!! If your not into video games there will be several game tables so that you and your friends can play all the hottest board or card games. SWEET!!! Seems like they thought of everything.

Well there’s more! Brandon and his partner do intend on selling candy and soda at their establishment but will not serve food. However, that being said, they will allow food in their gaming hall. Nothing finer than having your favorite snacks at your side when you’re in the heat of a good game! One last thing! Brandon also mentioned that PLN will hold occasional parties, so if you know of someone having a birthday coming up…just saying. If all that wasn’t enough to make your mouth water, PLN will also offer memberships and different packages to accommodate your level of game play.

My keyboard is starting to over heat and acting funny, so I better make this short and let my keyboard cool down. So until next time….Oh yea and remember…A thousand mile journey starts with the first step. Grand Opening is planned for mid May 2017!

By James Pickard, Independent Living Specialist