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Some Holiday Fun

You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf. But we have Mark on a Lark!! By making a fully posable avatar of our Executive Director, Mark Leeper, each of our offices can have some fun this December with pranks about the office. You can well imagine what kind of hijinks he can get up to!

The avatar was created by our Administrative Assistant Kristin Graham. He is certainly dressed in festive attire, but we can always add accessories to make a bold fashion statement! The rules are basically the same. This fun staff-friendly game of hide-and-seek is played out daily leading up to the Christmas Holiday. A staff member works behind the scenes to create the perfect vignette, from messing around in the lunch room, to mixing up the file cabinet. And those data points you entered into CIL Suites that went missing? Guess who pressed the delete key! Yes, it’s a great scapegoat for anything in December that goes wrong!

And unlike Elf on a Shelf, whose job it is to rat us out to Santa, the DAC NW staff get to be the ones who do the tattling. Each office will snap a photo capturing Mark on a Lark getting into mischief so we can share this fun on our social media. Be sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok so you can see what kind of larking he is doing in each office.

Keeping the creative juices flowing and spreading a little holiday cheer one lark at a time! 

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