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Economic Impact Payments

Many American’s received the $600 Economic Impact Payment last month (or will be receiving it) and there is a possibility now of another check being sent out. While this may be a welcome relief to many, it can also be a source of stress for others who are getting State or Federal benefits. This Economic Impact Payment may put these individuals over the resource limits required by these benefits. However, for some individuals, an ABLE account can help you out.

What is an ABLE account, you may ask? ABLE Accounts are savings accounts for people with disabilities. The passage of the Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014, or the ABLE Act, provides an opportunity to save money beyond typical resource limits. 

Several thousand Idahoans with disabilities and their families depend on public benefits for healthcare, food, utility, and housing assistance. ABLE accounts allow eligible Idahoans to save money to purchase qualified disability goods and services that will help them gain independence and choice without losing the assistance they need.

Anyone who has a significant disability with a documented onset before turning 26 years of age is eligible to open an ABLE account.

This means…

>They have a disability with functional limitations documented by a physician with a letter of certification.


>They receive Supplemental Security Income SSI) or Social Disability Insurance (SSDI)


They are medically eligible for SSI or SSDI benefits, i.e. certain disabled children or working adults with disabilities who receive Medicaid benefits.

Idaho does not offer an ABLE program at this time. However, eligible Idahoans with disabilities may sign up for an out of state program, if that state offers out of state enrollment. The Idaho State Independent Living Council (SILC) provides information and referral about the ABLE Act; and technical assistance regarding setting up an ABLE savings account in another state.

For answers about ABLE accounts, please call Jami Davis at 208-332-1711 or email at

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