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Planning for Emergencies

It’s that time of year again. Hearing news stories about fires, floods, windstorms, excessive heat and more. Are you prepared for an emergency? Would you be ready to evacuate at a moments notice? Are you sure about how you would receive emergency information should phone lines go down?

The Idaho SILC works to promote emergency preparedness for people with disabilities. If you don’t look out for your needs, who does?

The website has a wealth of information to start your emergency preparedness plan. There are 4 steps you need to work through to be prepared.

Step 1: Your Personal Assessment. This checklist takes you through what equipment you might need, who are the people that will help, and special food, medicine and pet needs you may have.

Step 2: Emergency Plan. Then you build your plan for various emergency needs.

Step 3: Emergency Kits. Having a Go Bag is important. This lists everything you may need to have in it, including important documentation.

Step 4: Stay Informed. This gives you places to sign up for emergency alerts in your area. You can have them come to your in-box or phone. And find sites you can visit to find out what’s going on in your area.

This information is accessible and provided in several languages.

For more information, check the website here: