News from Idaho SILC


What is it like to be on the Idaho State Independent Living Council? Denise Myler from Eastern Idaho is one of the members who will be leaving this year and we asked her a few questions about the 6 years she spent on the council.

Why were you interested in serving? It was my next step of involvement with the Independent Living Movement. At the time I was on the Board of Directors for LIFE, A Center for Independent Living.

What are some of the things you gained in your time on the council? Friends from across Idaho. An increased knowledge of what we do in the IL Network. I have also gotten involved in other organizations like the Idaho Caregivers Alliance and the Consortium for Idahoans with Disabilities. I am becoming involved in Aged and Disabilities Resource Center – No Wrong Door, and am working on becoming a regional coordinator for our Family Caregiver Navigator Program.

What will you miss most about the Council? Seeing friends and family!

What will you miss least about the Council? Nothing. I will miss everything and hope to be able to attend online in the future.

Why should others join the Council? Idaho is facing a slew of problems. Joining the SILC will give you an opportunity to work on those problems, such as the direct care worker shortage, housing and creating the next IL State Plan.

If you are interested in applying, please visit our website for the application or call 208- 334-3800 and we will send you one.