Your thoughts matter

Every three years the State Independent Living Council and Centers for Independent Living gather information from people with disabilities around the state of Idaho to build our goals for the next three years. The feedback we receive is critical.

Many times, people question what is done with the information once we collect it and ask if it really makes a difference. The answer is YES!

We use the information you give to talk with Legislators and Policymakers around the state. The stories you share is what makes a difference. Data is always important, but when that data can be backed up with a comment, quote or story…. THAT is what sticks in people’s minds. It’s the difference between saying X percentage of people are struggling with finding affordable and accessible housing and telling a story of an individual who is working two jobs and selling their possessions, just to try and stay another month in their home.

YOUR thoughts are important, YOUR input matters.

You can complete the survey online at, call our office at 208-334-3800 or toll free 1-800-487-4866 or use the QR code below.

For more information, check the website here: