News from Idaho SILC


Safety matters! With recent hurricanes hitting the east coast, it reminds us to be prepared in the event of an emergency. That is especially important if you require special accommodations or equipment.

Here’s a simple list to work through.

1) Find contact information for someone that lives near you within the same town. And include contact information for someone that lives in another state.

2) Have a list of all medications. Know where they are located.

3) Make sure you have a complete list of any allergies. Especially if you require emergency medical care and may have interactions with drugs you are taking.

4) Keep emergency supplies in one location. Water, flashlights, batteries, etc. And know where your cane, walker, wheelchair, cpap or other equipment you may need will be.

5) Have a supply of things for care of your pets. Food, water, any medication, recent vaccination records, and more.

6) Have a record of a local meeting place you have designated and how you will check in with loved ones. Does it have a phone if your cell phone isn’t working?

7) And most important, find an item to take with you that will help keep you calm, focused or inspired. It could be a treasured item, a photo, or even a favorite song you can play on an iPod or phone.

With a little preparation, you can be ready quickly if you need to evacuate, AND have a plan on how that will be done.