News from Idaho SILC


The Idaho State Independent Living Council (SILC) and CILs often partner with other organizations and state agencies working to improve the lives of people with disabilities. The Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR) helps individuals with disabilities to be successful in employment. Here is an example of how IDVR helped Caleb.

Caleb applied for IDVR services in February 2021 as a youth with the goal to obtain his first employment position. He identified a specific local business in town that he had a strong interest in working for as their business aligned with his personal interests. He and his VR Counselor then worked together to write a resume and practice how to approach the employer to express his interest in working for their business. Caleb then reached out to Yellowstone Gem World and was able to speak with the owners who indicated they did not have an opening at the business of interest, but their overarching business, Idaho Bling Bling, had a need for assistance with remodeling the Roxie Theater Building. He was offered employment as a maintenance and repair helper which he gladly accepted. In addition to his work revitalizing the space at the Roxie Theater, Caleb also assists their subsidiary business Yellowstone Gem World with transporting and setting up the displays of the rock and mineral merchandise for trade shows.

The VR Counselors provided him with support to understand various aspects that came with his first employment position including assisting him with completing Benefits Planning to ensure he understand the impact of work and his earnings on his SSI benefits. Caleb’s commitment, passion, and work ethic has allowed him to continue to expand his duties and responsibilities, such as assisting with the trade shows, and is looking forward to learning additional new skills.

If you, or someone you know, has a disability and is looking for assistance to obtain or maintain employment, please visit the IDVR website to learn more.