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Raising Children while Disabled

INDEx is proud to announce a private Facebook Group for parents who have disabilities. This is a safe place to ask questions and hear back from your peers what may have worked for them. This private Facebook group is for parents who have a physical, psychological, cognitive, or neurological disability, any visible or invisible disability or impairment. It welcomes parents who have children of any age. Perhaps you have an experience that could prove helpful to someone.

There is an estimated 4.1 million parents in the United States who have disabilities. One of the most alarming barriers to parenting for people with disabilities is the increased risk of having custody of a child challenged or removed based on bias regarding a parent’s disability status. This is a particular concern for poor parents who cannot secure private legal counsel, as well as parents with highly stigmatized disabilities such as intellectual or psychiatric disability.

This group is designed for parents to find resources, information, and peer support from those who have lived experience raising their children while disabled. Because it is virtual, it is available 24/7 to ask a question or learn about resources. In-person meetings will be held on future dates based on availability of child care. You will find it on Facebook.

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