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Disability Inclusive Democracy

When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed 31 years ago, it provided historic civil rights protections for disabled Americans. However, Americans with disabilities still face barriers in fully participating in their community. December 3rd, the United States partnered with other governments, civil society and experts across the globe to discuss disability inclusive democracy around the world.

They looked at improving the accessibility of voting, increasing support for disabled political leaders, and expanding civic engagement.

2022 will be the Disability Inclusive Democracy Year of Action. This action plan lays out best practices and recommendations for the United States to engage civil society, multilateral partners and the private sector to promote inclusive, equitable, and accessible democratic principles and practices. The federal government will be advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) across the board to eliminate barriers employees encounter.

Is there a form of discrimination you want to challenge? What about marriage equality? If a person with a disability receiving SSI/Medicaid marries, they may lose their benefits. It is important for the disability rights movement to start advocating for marriage equality so that all are able to marry if they want to and receive the healthcare benefits needed to live. Disability rights and LGBTQIA+ rights activists need to work together because this issue impacts queer people receiving benefits, whether they identify as disabled or not. As long as disabled people are at risk of losing benefits, full marriage equality does not exist in the United States.

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