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Four Steps to Self Advocacy

  1. Identify the issue you need to resolve Know yourself and your disability: what are your strengths and preferences. Set a goal for your desired resolution: what are your needs and desires? Understand all the possible solutions: what will get you the results you need?
  2. Investigate the issue thoroughly Learn your rights and responsibilities: what legal and medical services are available? Keep yourself organized: what paperwork will help support your case? Clarify your desired outcome: what is most important to you and who is best to help?
  3. Create a Plan Focus on the problem and anticipate potential barriers: what do you need happen? And what are the next steps? Develop a list of action items: whom do you need to communicate with and when to stay ahead of the problem to prevent it getting worse? Create a timeline to complete your list: what is a reasonable schedule to complete each task?
  4. Take Action Be prepared with your goal in mind: what do you need for each task and what are the next steps. Use time wisely: how can you plan ahead and stay on track? Engage with confidence when asking for help: what are your questions and concerns? Keep good notes and stay grounded and open so you can respond to what comes up: how will you respond to new information? Stay focused and clear about solving your problem: ask others to problem solve with you and ask again and again.

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