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Ways to Help with Isolation

Among the many issues people with disabilities have to navigate, especially during this pandemic, is dealing with feelings of isolation and “being alone”. Whether a person lives by themselves independently or in a facility, it is important for them to interact with the rest of the world. Here are some simple tips to avoid feeling isolated.

Being social helps increase mental alertness and connectivity with the outside world. It encourages physical activity and fights depression. Social contact and the secure knowledge that others care can help prevent or fight existing depression. Staying in close contact with friends and family helps create and maintain a support system that not only helps emotionally but is also there for assistance if needed.

1. Participate in Local Activities
Thanks to technology, you can even stay active and in contact through social media and zoom meetings. This is an instantaneous method of socializing, even if you live a relatively solitary life. Devices and internet are key to this, providing access to video chat and more. If you are in need of a device or training on how to work it, contact your local CIL.

2. Adopt a Pet
Pets are a wonderful form of companionship for people with disabilities. They can help relieve anxiety, provide a sense of purpose and duty for the owner. Dogs are very social and engaging creatures, while cats are a bit more independent. Evaluate what will work best for you and your unique needs.

3. Enjoy Meals Socially
Eating is a social event for many cultures around the world. Enjoying our meals in the company of others as often as possible, not only fulfills our basic need for interaction, but makes the meal more enjoyable as well. Making sure that you have at least a handful of meals each week that are joined by family and friends can go a long way in reducing feelings of isolation.

4. Companion Services
For those with disabilities that need assistance, one option that can help is in-home care. Not only is this great because it allows the person to live independently, but great friendships can arise from this too. A caregiver can also help with transportation to get out and connect with friends. 

It’s important to find your own comfort level in reaching out – but the rewards are great when you do!

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