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Virtual Field Trips for Kids and Adults

For those of us who may still have kids learning at home, we know it’s been hard to provide engaging, fun learning activities during the pandemic. Here is a handy guide for at-home learning through virtual visits to places around the world. 

First, download the Activity Log. This booklet can help track visits with a virtual passport, provides a map of the U.S., and activities to help extend their learning experience.

Next, plan your virtual trip! The virtual visits are listed by learning category, so it’s easy to find something to compliment whatever school learning is happening.

If the topic is world geography or animals, you can learn all about gorillas with the Zoo Atlanta YouTube site. This up close visit lets you take a deeper dive into the social dynamics, physiology and daily lives of gorillas with Lead Zookeeper Josh. They even have a live Panda Cam! If nothing much is happening there you can scroll down and watch videos about the growth of baby pandas, and see them explore the world around them. Imagine – Pandas in a bubble bath!

What about technology and science? Try Tech for Tomorrow. They have a downloadable guide to go along with the virtual field trip to Silicon Valley in California to learn about Tech for Global Good, a way to rethink data technology to transform our world for the better. 

Itching to get outside? Try a virtual field trip to one of our National Parks. Glacier National Park has accessible virtual tours of places like Logan Pass, and making Model Glaciers. These tours offer closed captioning and audio description!

Go back in history and tour national landmarks like George Washington’s Mount Vernon. The interactive tour allows you to click to navigate throughout the home with narration giving you information about details. 

For arts and culture you can check out many museums and galleries. Check out the Grammy Museum including live from the vault interviews with the likes of Ringo Starr.

For detailed information of where you can go, visit Million Mile Secrets. 

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