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Idaho Independent Living Conference

2021 brings us closer together! Now that so many have been vaccinated, and the state is opening back up, LIFE is very excited to host this year’s Independent Living Conference.

A vaccination clinic will also be held on-site, and for those who have already been vaccinated against COVID, or for those that get the vaccine during the conference – all meals will be provided FREE!

The conference is for anyone with a significant disability. Anyone who knows someone with a significant disability. Anyone who supports someone with a significant disability. Anyone who cares about someone with a significant disability. And anyone who wants to promote the independence of someone with a significant disability.

The General Track will be all about getting back to our IL roots. What are the fundamental things we can do to be more independent, get the rights we have been denied and advocate for those that may need support?

The Advanced Track will be concurrent to the General Track and have special advanced training on financial issues when living with a disability, tracking outcomes on populations with disabilities, interviewing and more.

Special guest, Ilanit Harounsheily, will be providing training on working with individuals who have limited ability to speak out for themselves, as well as people who have been “trained” to not speak out for themselves.

The Keynote Speaker will be Steven Jacobo, US Paralympian. Steven brings a great story of independence sure to inspire you.

The conference will be September 17 – 18th at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Idaho Falls. Holiday Inn is setting a nightly rate of only $99 per night, a considerable discount! Book sooner rather than later. Accommodations available upon request.

Idaho Independent Living Conference

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