Regional Independent Living Conference

  This year’s conference will be held September 6-7 at the Linen Building in Boise, Idaho. For two days attendees will have networking, workshops, field events and guest speakers.

    Featured guest speaker is filmmaker Joe Stone. Against all odds, Joe set his sights on becoming the first wheelchair using quadriplegic to complete an IRONMAN triathlon. The film “It’s Raining, So What” documents his incredible life changing journey and will change the way we perceive challenges in our own lives. His presentation offers critical insights on the importance of goal setting, persistence, inclusion, teamwork, and how to handle perceived failure. Joe connects deeply with all audiences. 

    Workshops include a history on the Independent Living Movement on a local and national level. This reflection will give context for how far we have come and motivate us to keep moving forward. Another presentation features Peter Wesley Nye, Esquire on how to maximize the independence, well-being, and health of older adults, people with disabilities across their lifespan.

    The BluePath Intro teaches you how to map accessible businesses into an online directory. An app for iPhone and Android will be available in October. For lunch, attendees will embark on a mission to map businesses in the Boise area. Each group will be assigned a restaurant and after eating will map the location for the BluePath directory.

  The next day will start with a goal setting workshop. And attendees can give their feedback for the State Plan for Independent Living. Mel Leviton, Executive Director, needs to hear from citizens about what is important in making our communities inclusive and accessible.

    Other workshops feature Emergency Preparedness and Adaptive Programming for Recreation. Boise is a leader in adaptive programs, and these ideas are great springboards to take that vision back to other communities.

   The Conference will end with an art appreciation break out session. Attendees can choose a selection for art opportunities out in the Boise community. Some of the offerings will be a trip to stroll around Art in the Park, Visit the James Castle House, or even the Boise Art Museum!

Join us for Empowering Independence this year!

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