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A New American Citizen & Colleague

By Jen Grushdale

Cecile’s story begins in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she was born during their civil war. While her mother was running with Cecile in her arms, they fell into an 8′ hole, injuring Cecile’s spinal cord.

Eventually, the family arrived in a refugee camp outside Kampala, Uganda. While it did get them away from the fighting, conditions in the camp were poor. At age 6, Cecile began to get sick and by age 7, she was no longer able to walk. Wheelchairs were not common in the camp, and Cecile spent several years crawling, scared about what the future held.

Four years later , someone from the UN gave her a wheelchair and she was able to move about the camp more easily.

In 2015, Cecile, her mother and brother were chosen to come to America. “I was excited, scared, and sad. I would have a new life, but there was too much I didn’t know and I would never see my friends and the rest of my family again.”

Upon arriving in 2016, Cecile began her first formal schooling at Borah High School. She met other students who also spoke Swahili and she learned English. By 2019 she was a high school graduate!

Not long after graduation, Cecile became the mom to a little girl, Victoria. “I love being a mom and my life in America.”

Big things continue to happen for Cecile. After many years, she has recently become a U.S. Citizen! When I asked Cecile what her future plans are, she wrote me: “For future I want God to bless me to save money to buy a house for myself and my daughter and find a way to pay for my college and finish my school.

Cecile recently changed positions at LINC and is now the Boise front desk receptionist.

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