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By Jen Grush-Dale

It’s National Disability Awareness Month and this year’s theme – “Disability: Part of the Equity Equation” – is something we here at LINC celebrate! The workforce is changing, that is something we see in the media and in our own communities. According to the Idaho Department of Labor, our unemployment rate in Idaho is 2.7% as of August 2022. In researching the unemployment rate of people with disabilities, we were able to find on the Bureau of Labor Statistic a rate of 10.1%. As a part of our Independent Living philosophy, employment plays a key role for those of us who are looking for jobs to live the life of our choosing. We see that with employment comes opportunity, something everyone has a right to.

According the Gallup, the workforce is demanding more from employers. While employees were motivated by a paycheck in the past, they are now motivated by a job or career with purpose. We are looking for jobs that increase our quality of life and pay is only one part of that equation. People with disabilities need access to apply and thrive in the workplace. When we think about equity being a part of the equation, access is a key. This includes accessible job applications, job descriptions, and even website.

Are you someone with a disability who never thought of yourself as employable? Well, we have some amazing news for you! By employing people like you, businesses win. You help provide a chance for the disability perspective to be included in more aspects of business. By reaching out to your local Center for Independent Living, you can find resources and trainings to help you thrive in the workforce.

At LINC, we can help both businesses, employees and job seekers with disabilities. On our newly redesigned website, we have an entire page dedicated to this issue. Under our “Services” tab, the first choice “Access Means Business” is where we list just a few of the ways we can help. By working together, we can make employment for folks with disabilities a reality!

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