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How will you make a difference?

In 2014, President Obama declared November National Family Caregiver Month. This has been used to recognize and honor the 53 million unpaid family caregivers, spread awareness about caregiver issues, educate the community, and strengthen support for caregivers.

Who are Caregivers?

>Young adult children who care for siblings

>Grandparents who have guardianship of grandchildren.

>Adults who care for their parents

>Neighbors who assist the elderly couple next door

>Parents who care for thier adult children

>The spouse who supports their partner

No matter the situation, caregiving in any form can be both a joy and a sacrifice. Here are some tips you can use to support the caregivers in your life!Provide emotional and social

  • Provide emotional and social support. Listen without judgement, give them a safe space to be heard.
  • Volunteer to assist the caregiver. Bathing, shopping, working, to do lists – offering to help gives caregivers a safe space to ask for what they need.
  • Offer to take a chore or duty off the caregiver’s list. As many as 61% of caregivers work another job. Offer to do their grocery shopping, shovel snow, or do dishes so they can focus on another task.
  • Take the caregiver on a short trip or outing. We all need a break sometimes, planning an outing while ensuring theie care recipients are properly planned for is a great way to provide a break.

Sometimes more help is needed. And that’s where Family Caregiver Navigator comes in! It connects you to reousrces throughout Idaho to improve their quality of life. Learn more by visiting their website.

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