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The YAC is youth driven and will provide opportunities to have young voices heard. Youth are an important part of removing barriers and creating lasting impact for Idaho today, tomorrow and for generations to come.


They are looking for new members, ages 14-26, to change their community for the better. Get out there and work towards the changes you want to see happen. Do your part in teaching others the importance of acceptance and inclusion.

Let your voice be HEARD!!!

You cannot create change if you are sitting on the sideline waiting for others to take action. This is YOUR community, make it what you want. Become involved in your town, it gives us the chance to have our voices heard.

Share your PASSION!!!

Share your information and ideas, while at the same time learning from others. Not every great idea was born from a single person. Make new friends. Have an impact and make your community better!

The YAC will begin with approximately ten youth from around the state, each with their own strengths and ideas, coming together to make change in Idaho. They meet via phone conferences at least monthly (more frequently if determined by the youth committee). Local youth are encouraged to come to LINC to take part in the call from the conference room. This will result in the YAC working on every SPIL goal, in some capacity.

What are our unmet needs and how can we fill them?

Determine what the missing pieces in Idaho are and come up with ideas of how to improve them. These goals can be achieved through the following steps….

Service projects

Through the service projects the YAC develops and implements, the purpose will be education as well as inclusion. This will impact the community as a whole, regardless of whether a person identifies themselves as an individual with or without a disability.

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Literature for doctor’s offices, MEET with local doctors
  • BluePath Map-a-thons, involve the community, get them excited

Community involvement

You cannot create change if you are sitting on the sideline waiting for others to take action. By becoming involved in our community, it gives us the chance to have our voices heard. It is not always the case that leaders are choosing to ignore the disability community, sometimes they just don’t know what they don’t know. This is the perfect opportunity to enlighten others.

As a YAC member you can join boards, councils, and chamber of commerce. You can attend city meetings, school board meetings, or anything that is going on in the community! You can reach out and testify at the Statehouse, speak with you local Mayors, meet with your Legislator on their home turf.


Presentations are a great way to reach a large amount of people at one time. Share your information and ideas at great venues like Tools For Life, APRIL (Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living), Schools, Employers, NCIL (National Council on Independent Living.

It’s all about leadership! Getting the tools and experience you need to advocate. Be ready for 2018!

Idaho has an amazing opportunity of being the pilot site for the APRIL YLF Peer-to-Peer mentoring program with Melissa Ann Santora from Arizona. Melissa was involved with Montana’s program for six years and started the Arizona program three years ago. Idaho will have the full support of APRIL as well as access to all their training material and technical assistance.

So if you want to make a difference contact Jami Davis with the Idaho State Independent Living Council at 208-334-3800 or email her at the SILC office:

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