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Attention Students and Young People with Disabilities!

A new student peer support group is starting at LINC!

The Student Transition Education Program (STEP) Graduate Peer Support Group wants YOU!

This fun group is led by transitioning graduates and is for students w/ disabilities who will be transitioning out of high school, STEP, and other programs and into the world. Each month meetings will include a discussion led by a graduate who has/is transitioning and topics will include: 

-training opportunities to provide skills for your future

-competitive employment: how to get a job and keep it!

-living in the community independently: renting an apartment, paying bills, etc.

-community integration

-understanding transportation options

-and much more!

April 2017 Featured Speaker: Kaleb McCloughan

Kaleb is a well-known advocate and leader in the community and will share his experiences at Create Common Good, his latest work experiences, time with his Employment Specialist, and the GenerationADA Youth Program at LINC.

Come join us for pizza, soda, games, and socializing with friends while learning about independent living!

When: Friday, April 21, 2017   Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where: LINC Boise, 1878 W. Overland Rd.

For more information contact James at LINC: 336-3335 ext. 13 or Youth Coordinator Kaleb at:

Find us on Facebook at: