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Our current goal at LINC is to help end Idaho’s direct care worker crisis. Thousands of workers are unable to earn a living wage, and people with disabilities, as well as older adults, are struggling to find the care they need — and every day we wait to take action means more lives are at risk.

We’ve worked with dozens of direct care workers, people seeking support, advocates and other community members who are working to shed light on and solve this crisis.

We want to share people’s stories, raise awareness, and inspire Idahoans to call for a change. The Power Independent Living campaign will promote understanding and inspire action – because for thousands of Idahoans, our shared values of freedom and independence aren’t being upheld. There are lifelong relationships formed by direct care and the challenges that many face right now to find the support they need puts them at risk of being institutionalized.

The impact direct care in the home has on a person with a disability’s life is incredible. And expanding access to those services is the financially responsible thing for Idaho to do. In home care costs lest than institutions!

The time is now to take action and end Idaho’s direct care workforce crisis.

LINC has three offices to serve you.

1182 Eastland Drive North
Suite C
Twin Falls ID 83301
(208) 733-1712 VOICE
(208) 733-7711 TDD

1878 West Overland Road
Boise ID 83705
(208) 336-3335 VOICE
(208) 336-3335 TDD
(208) 384-5037 FAX

703 S. Kimball Ave
Caldwell ID 83605
(208) 454-5511 VOICE
(208) 454-5511 TDD
(208) 454-5515 FAX