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Gifts & Abilities – Youth Program Meeting

Thursday, January 9th at 5:30 pm will be LINC’s Youth Program meeting and they are looking for ideas and samples of something YOU are good at. 

Sometimes people with disabilities can offer a perspective others don’t see. When they showcase their talents and abilities, they prove they are just as capable as their peers.

For example; during the opening ceremonies of the 1995 Special Olympics, as President Clinton was walking up to the podium, a professional photographer noticed a group of athletes holding their disposable cameras backwards, looking through the lens. Thinking he was offering help, the photographer showed them the rightj way to take a picture, using his own camera as an example. The athletes then turned to the photographer and said, “Thank you, sir. But may I show you something? If you turn the camera around and hold your eye up to the viewfinder and look, it still works. It works like a telescope and you can see the president very clearly. So we are using these little cameras so we can get a good view of the president. But thank you for helping us.”

The photographer innocently thought he was teaching the athletes something that their disability impeded them from understanding, when in fact they were teaching him something that their disability helped them discover. People with disabilities are just as capable in many respects as those without a disability. They may also have skills that others do not, like the ability to think creatively and innovatively. They offer a fresh perspective that their peers may not have considered. It is because of this that people with disabilities can play such important roles in the workplace, giving a competitive edge to those who employ them.

Some of the abilities you may have might include providing perspective, the ability to connect and inspire others, peer support from a been there/done that view, and the ability to innovate.

Here at LINC we want to harness our consumers’ abilities and unique ways of thinking, uncovering YOUR hidden talents. So be thinking about what hidden talents you have and how you use them to your advantage and bring them to the meeting at our office on the 9th!

LINC has three offices to serve you.

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