Ten Things You Can Use to Stay in Your Home

“Aging in place” is a hot topic these days, particularly among baby boomers who want to maintain their independence.
     Not every home is set up to ease the transition into an adults older years, when mobility is the major issue. Declining hearing, sight and mental awareness can also affect how ease it is to continue living in the home of their choice.
Amazon Echo
It is easier to speak to technology than to touch it.  These devices integrate well with other home products and can complete a number of tasks some people might find difficult to do. They can play music, read books, place phone calls all by voice command. The midsize version is available for about $100.
Video Doorbell
Safety is, and will continue to be, a major concern for people who live alone. Smart devices like the Ring Video Doorbell allow you to see, hear and speak to someone at the door via your smartphone, tablet or PC, without ever having to open it. It’s available for about $180.
Smart Thermostat
Digital Thermostats can be difficult for even a tech-savvy homeowner to understand. Smart thermostats regulate the homes temperature, which can be a health concern as well as comfort. It can connect to Amazon Echo, and be voice controlled, no need to read the text on the screen. Or it can be controlled via a free mobile app from a smartphone. Starts about $130.
Wemo Light Switch
Falling is a major concern for those who live alone. Fumbling in the dark for a light switch increases risk for falls. The smart light switch allows the homeowner to control lights and small appliances from an app on the smartphone. They can be set on a timer and even controlled from outside the home. Available for about $50
Family Hub Refrigerator
Though often marketed to young tech-savvy families, smart refrigerators allow owners to order groceries directly fromtheir refrigerator, which can be helpful when its a struggle to get to the store. It comes with voice technology, and can read out recipes for chefs who might struggle with small print. The least expensive model is available for $3,500.
Med-Minder Pill Dispenser
For people with memory problems, it’s often a struggle to remember to take their medication at the right time. This dispenser helps you stay on top of your medication. The advanced model only allows one compartment to open at a time and has reminders like flashing lights, audio prompts or phone calls or texts. Available  from $0-$65.
Stove Guard CookStop
Even the best cooks have left the stove on once or twice, but that mistake can be a safety risk for older homeowners with memory loss. The CookStop will sound an alarm and turn the stove off if left unattended for a predetermined amount of time. Available for various types of stoves for under $650.
Work Landroid M
A robotic vacuum cleaner can help the disabled keep their homes clean, or even mow the lawn! Automatically shuts down if the grass is too wet. When the battery is slow it returns to the charger by itself! Available for about $1000.
Automatic Doors
Mobility can be a problem even inside your own home. Doors that don’t require fumbling with a handle and don’t swing out but slide side to side can be a big help. Affordable Adaptive Solutions sells automatic doors in a variety of styles and provide pricing upon request.
Approach Wall Cabinet Lift
Hard to reach top shelves can come down to you. This lift has a button that adjust the height of the cabinet by up to 20 inches. A safety shut off protects it if it comes in contact with something on the counter below. Available for about $1600.

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