News from Northwest ADA Center – Idaho

A friendly reminder about what it is that the Northwest ADA Center – Idaho does. We are available to provide you with information, resources, and materials on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability related laws. We are your go-to resource for the state of Idaho. We are available to answer your questions on the phone or by email. We can also travel and provide related training to meet your needs. 

 The Northwest ADA Center/Idaho website also has a variety of fact sheets, accessibility checklists, and other resources you may find useful. They are free to all for printing, use and dissemination. You can also find updated disability new and resources on our Facebook page.

Some facts about us you may not know: The Northwest ADA Center-Idaho was formerly known as the Idaho Task Force on the ADA. We are affiliated with the Northwest ADA Center in Seattle. There are four partners in the ADA coalition, the three Centers for Independent Living and a state coordinator. And we have been providing services since May 1, 2012!

Rather than serve as the ADA Police, our goal is to promote voluntary compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We serve a variety of audiences including businesses, employers, government entities and individuals with disabilities. Our information is intended to be informal guidance and is neither a determination of your legal rights or responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act or other laws, nor binding on any agency with enforcement responsibility under the ADA and other disability related laws.

We continually recruit ADA Network Members, who are individuals, business and agency representatives interested in learning more about the ADA. In return, the center provides current information, educational training tools, and enhanced networking opportunities for sharing challenges, successes and more on the ADA. If you want to be added to our ADA Network, please contact us at the numbers below.



For more information about the ADA contact:

Dana Gover, MPA, and ACTCP Certification, ADA Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator 

For more information about ADA Technical Assistance visit the NW ADA Center Idaho website:
Phone: Voice and Text 208-841-9422
Idaho Relay Service: 7