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Interviews are important and preparing for them can be challenging. That’s why answered a few common questions about interviewing a person with a disability to help.

What do I do if I am asked to take a medical examination?
Interviewers cannot legally ask you take a medical examination before making a job offer. After an employer offers you a job, they can only ask you to take one if ALL other employees are required to as well.
What do I do if someone asks me whether or not I have a disability?

Your employer is not legally allowed to ask you if you have a disability, to explain what your disability is or any other questions about your disability.
How do I explain gaps in my work history?
If an interviewer asks you about a gap in your work history where you could not work due to your disability, talk about what you did instead of working and the things you learned by doing that. Keep the gap in the past and clearly state that you are ready to work.
When do I have to tell my employer that I have a disability?

This decision is voluntary. You never have to tell anyone if you do not want to. If you choose to disclose this information, focus on your strengths and explain how you can still perform the job at the same quality as other employees. The 411 on disability disclosure is a great guide that outlines how to make informed decisions.
What if I cannot fill out an application or go through the interview process because of my disability?

The employer can provide you with an 
accommodation during the process. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Some of these include having an accessible interviewing space, receiving extra time for questions, or answering orally instead of on paper. Job Accommodation Network has a sample accommodation form letter that is very helpful.

Next month we will have information on creating an accessible work environment.



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