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As we move through this pandemic, we have realized the importance of accessing information in real time. That information should be provided in different accessible formats to not leave anyone out. 

One resource that has added accessible information is the Georgia Tech Microsite which has up to date information about COVID-19. You can access the information via the website or even with American Sign Language Videos. Their goal is to increase access to information. Funding from CDC Foundation made it possible. The resources are adapted and provided through accessible versions depending on your needs.

There is a link to Braille documents that you can download to read. It includes a button for downloading to an embossed braille printer.  You can also request braille documents to be mailed to you. Supplies are limited due to finite funding. Documents covering 49 different topics include identifying symptoms of COVID-18, testing, and what to do if your are sick. 

Another link has accessible Word documents and PDF’s are compatible with a variety of screen readers and assistive technology that reads text. You simply select the document you want and download the readable version. there are 62 documents to choose from covering how COVID spreads to how it affects people with disabilities. You can find detailed answers about what to expect going back to school, funerals, or attending sports events.

Still another link provides the same information in easy to read, simplified text. These materials adhere to the Guidelines for Minimizing Complexity of Text. It addresses the need for individuals who read and/or listen with an understanding below third-grade level to have equitable access to information. Adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities are the primary audience, but many other individuals may benefit from these materials.

And now there are ASL videos to watch that include closed captioning too. Fourteen different videos cover topics like precautions for older adults, cleaning your home, and caring for someone who is sick with COVID at home.

You can access these at

We would love to see is this kind of accessibility continue into the future for all kinds of information. Website accessibility is important for people with disabilities.  



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