News from Northwest ADA Center -Idaho

Built in accessibility features in Apple products are designed to make life easier for people with all kinds of disabilities.

For example: you can use the magnifier on your iPhone or iPad to increase the size of anything you are looking at, like medication instructions. Add in Detection Mode in the Magnifier and it combines the camera, LiDAR and machine learning to offer People Detection, Door Detection, and Image Descriptions. It can help you navigate the last few feet to your destination.

For hearing impaired, imagine using your Apple Watch to hear sounds around you. The on‐device intelligence will notify you when it detects one of 15 different types of sounds, including alarms, appliances, door knocks, car horns, or even the sound of a crying baby. For electronic sounds, you can train your iPhone or iPad to listen for and notify you of sounds that are unique to your environment, such as your doorbell. When your device detects these sounds or alerts, you’ll receive a visible and vibrating notification.

Voice Control lets you navigate your device with your voice. Commands like click, swipe, and tap help you easily interact with your favorite apps or take photos. Voice Control also offers a more efficient way to write and edit. With Voice Control spelling mode, you can dictate names, addresses, and even custom spellings letter by letter. AssistiveTouch lets you push all the buttons without pushing any! You can switch out any gestures that don’t work for you. You can even adapt an Apple watch to understand hand or arm motions. Best part is, all features are built in, no additional software needed.



For more information about the ADA contact:

Dana Gover, MPA, and ACTCP Certification, ADA Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator 

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Phone: Voice and Text 208-841-9422
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