News from Self-Directed PA Services


As we age there will be a strong likelihood that we will need an in- home caregiver. And if you have a disability and want to live independently you are already dealing with that.

Here are some tips to ease the management of your caregivers.
1> Interview and ask about qualifications. Be specific about things like smoking, if they have a vehicle to drive, cooking skills, etc. Provide a description of characteristics and abilities that you are looking for.

2> Insist on honesty and ethical behavior. Set professional boundaries that work for you.
3> Set up a system for good communication. Decide what form of communication works best for you – phone calls, emails, or written documents?

4> Create a daily check sheet. For tasks needed on a daily basis, have these written down in a notebook so nothing gets missed.
> Have a written plan of care. You can spell out exactly what you want and need, with the understanding that it can be changed as needed.

Working with a person in your home is never seamless. However, having your needs met by a compassionate caregiver can allow you to remain in your own home. That can be priceless!