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Sports & Games for Seniors

An enterprising homeschooled, young student named Anna found a great resource for seniors and people with disabilities to find sports and games that work for them – it provides fun and exercise in one! These are some ideas from

Shuffleboard – Shuffleboard, a popular game for centuries across the world got its start in a pubs and palaces during the 15th Century in England. Since its inception, the objects used to play were switched out to suit the time and place in Shuffleboard history. The game has endured many name changes since it evolved as well, but shuffleboard rules and the game’s objective have mostly remained the same. Most importantly, it has remained fun and brings with it health benefit rewards anyone can enjoy.

BocceBall – Bocce Ball has gone through many changes throughout time evolving from a crude sport played with rocks or coconuts, to the modern metal or composite balls used today. It has seen multiple rule changes and has held many titles; nine pins, lawn bowling, pentanque, skittles and others. Playing Bocce Ball is a fun, friendly, competitive game of skill to play and comes with its own set of health benefits for anyone participating.

Dancing – Everyone; especially seniors should include 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in his or her daily routine. It is good for the heart, gets the blood flowing and keeps you in shape. Luckily, there are many alternatives to the old exercise routines of aerobics. Dancing for example, is a fantastic activity to reap the same health benefits and you do not have to have good rhythm to do it.

Yoga – Yoga is low impact and a great way to get the exercise required to stay in good health, offering a list of health benefits. Because it is made-up of gentle, low impact movements, it is ideal for any fitness level. For example, results from simple yoga stretches for seniors improve a range of physical overall wellness.

You can view all the health benefits in the full article at MedicalAlertAdvice.