News from Self-Directed PA Services

When you have the right tools, it’s easier to remain independent in your own home. But how do you get access to those tools? ADVOCATE! One of our most important rights is the ability of individuals to participate in our government. By working together, standing up for an ideal or act that will improve your life and those of others, we start a ripple of hope. Let’s work together to harness the power of grassroots advocacy.

By unifying voices in in-home services we can influence change to ensure access to high quality care at home for every American who needs it. Don’t wait for celebrities to do it!

As our nation’s aging population grows, more Americans will require care and

services to assist in their daily lives, so home-based care must come to center stage.

Let’s work together to bring home health care to the forefront of the conversation, not just with those who require it but also to those unacquainted with it.

Advocacy is often characterized as scary, time-consuming, or something only people with experience should do. But who knows better what you need than you? Contact your local CIL and learn some advocacy tips. Join in local, state and national groups who are working for the same goal. Learn how to tell your story, write a letter campaign, and conduct in-person visits with your elected official – they work for YOU! Advocacy is all about the little things. Each small contribution is a step towards strengthening impact. Join us!