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Screening Your Candidates at Arm’s Length

Online interviewing for your personal assistants has become a necessary tool in recruiting good help. It can be convenient for scheduling, but it does hinder your ability to make interpersonal connections and pick up subtle cues about a candidate’s personality. It’s harder for the candidate to see the space where they will be working too. To make the most of your virtual interview, pay attention to these five aspects:

1. Don’t sell yourself short. You are an interesting person to work for, so be sure and talk about highlights of working for you in your home.

2. Observe subtle signs. It’s hard to observe another person’s body language in a virtual interview. But do place close attention to what you do notice: fidgeting, impatience, rudeness, friendliness, quick thinking, and communication styles.

3. Highlight your strengths. Talk about positive things your past employees have said about working with you. Tell a few personal stories about what would make the work rewarding.

4. Be ready to show & Tell. Have talking points ready before conducting the interview. Make a list of highlights of what the job entails. Show how you are willing to train them. You can even provide an outline of the interview process when you schedule. Turn on video cameras during the interview. Don’t just talk over the phone, you will miss visual cues. Share any materials using the screen share option.

5. Set the right tone. Ask your candidate some questions designed to explore their personalities and how they would fit. Some examples: Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a teacher, manager, or customer? What do you see as challenges to this job? Tell me about a time when you were challenged to improve?

Be ready to ask follow-up questionjs that might draw out motivations behind a candidates answers. These can ease you into real conversation with natural give and take.

These are keys to attracting good employees who are engaged and want to work with you.