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Universal Design being built into housing

Designing an accessible home can be modern and fun-loving. Planning for open, clutter-free floor space makes it easy for the whole family, including the wheelchair user, to get around. Accessibility takes from no one and gives to everyone. You will never regret having a zero entrance or a wider door!

Every home should be built with wide halls and doorways. A wheelchair-friendly bathroom can be spacious and elegant. And these features will make life easier in the future for your family and visitors. When you design for someone with the least mobility it brings greater freedom to everyone.

Things to consider is making a kitchen more usable for everyone, including kids, by having many lower cabinets and drawers, with wide easy-to-use pulls. This keeps things handy like dishes and the microwave and frees up wall space above the counter for an open airy feel.

Hardwood floors are easier to keep clean and maneuver with a wheelchair without tiring. Have sinks built with space to roll up to. Even if you do not have grab bars now, plan for reinforced studs for their placement later. Consider a low bed that is easier to get in and out of. Even accessories like lamps can be purchased that turn on and off with a single touch. And ceiling lights and window shades can now be controlled by voice command. Arrange furniture to create breathing room and make it easier to navigate. Utilize round tables and eliminate tough corners to bang into. And don’t forget using lever handle door knobs instead of standard round ones.

By thinking about these principles now, you can build a home for you to age in place comfortably. And make a welcome place to visit for friends and family who may have mobility issues.