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Deciding to move into your child’s home isn’t a decision anyone makes lightly, but it’s often the most affordable option. Especially with the shortage of in-home caregivers. While this living arrangement can be very rewarding to both the son or daughter and the parent, there are several important pros and cons to this arrangement. On one hand, if the parent is able, they can help in small ways with the kids, housework or finances. On the other hand, if they require constant care due to their disability, the entire family might experience moments of added stress, anxiety and frustration.

That’s why you need to weigh options and considerations before moving in. Though there might be heavy emotions surrounding the decision, it could still be the right choice. This guide will help you make that decision by giving you some insight on:

  • Helping the family understand how to give the right kind of care.
  • Deciding if it is short-term or long term.
  • Estimating the costs associated with assisted living facilities versus in-home care.
  • Making their home disability-friendly.
  • Adjusting the whole household to the lifestyle changes.

Going into this move takes time and planning. You can check out details at the Home Advisor website.