News from Self-Directed PAS Services

Veteran Directed Care

Veteran-Directed Care gives veterans of all ages the opportunity to get home and community services they need – all while self-directing. And that’s the mission of any of our self-directed PA Services!

They can get assistance with activities for daily living; bathing and getting dressed, managing daily medications, house work or fixing meals.

This program has a flexible budget for services that are managed by the Veteran and family care-giver. The funds are used to help them live at home in their community.

You direct your own care and decide what and when services will be provided.

You are given a budget and can hire your own personal care givers and purchase items needed or other services. You are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, training, supervising and evaluating your support workers. And you can ask for assistance and training in how to do this successfully.

So how do you find out if you qualify? If you are a veteran who meets the clinical need for home care services due to disability, and you are enrolled in VA’s health care system, and you have a primary care provider and are interested in directing your own care you can apply. Veteran Directed Care is part of the VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package but is only available in certain locations.

To decide if it is right for you, check out the Veteran Decision Aid for Care to assess what services may best meet your needs now and in the future. Or try the Caregiver Self-Assessment to determine needs and how much support they can offer you. Ask your social worker for these resources or download Making Decisions and Advance Care Planning.

And you can continue to live independently in your own home!