News from Self-Directed PAS

It’s important to spot unsafe conditions that could lead to slips and falls, and do what you can to prevent them. You can lose your balance and fall, trip over objects, or simply fall from an elevated position to the floor.

To avoid falls, be on the lookout for spills: deposits of water, food, grease or oil, soap, paper and other debris. Even small quantities can cause a fall.

When you come into a building from outside, clean your footwear thoroughly. Have a doormat by each entrance for wiping shoes.

Trash or unused materials left in hallways invite falls. Extension cords, tools, medical equipment, wheelchairs and other items should be removed. Keep trash bins out of walkways.

For stairways, always hold on to the handrails. If you are carrying a heavy load, take several trips or find help.

The worst falls are from elevated positions like ladders and can result in serious injury or death. Practice ladder safety. Make sure the ladder you are using is the proper height and in good condition. Keep it on a firm surface. For a leaning ladder, keep the base one foot from the wall for every four feet of height. And don’t over-reach. Never climb the ladder with your hands full.